Group ride out
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West Central FARAG area

adapted from maps supplied by Falkirk Council

map of west and central FARAG area

map of Denny and Chacefield Wood

A Chacefield - Herbertshire.
This network has been agreed with the landowner Callendar Estate. The horse riding route has been sign posted with the horse riding logo on the sign. Please follow these signs. Other paths without the horse riding logo are not suitable for horse use and have not been agreed with the landowner or FARAG. Also under byelaws no horse access is allowed in the Herbertshire Playing Fields area. Within Chacefield Wood access is restricted to the central track only and the return path to the Cuthelton / Mydub Farm Track. Distance: 3 miles (5 km) of horse access.


  Ellie McMillan
  Secretary / Treasurer
  Sheila Hall, Balcastle House, Slamannan, Tel: 01324 851262  

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