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Before he decided to specialise in writing, Sheila's husband Philip used to be a web designer.  Since he still designs and maintains the FARAG site for nothing, we decided to allow him a little advertisement for his real work.  His blog is here.



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FARAG work is a marathon, not a sprintNew trails are the result of a lot of hard work and determination; patient investigation into what is required, who owns the land, what geological or other problems will be encountered, and who is likely to be able to help us. This is followed by negotiations with interested parties, applications for grants, drawing up of plans and issuing of contracts.

Not everyone is in a hurry to co-operate Sometimes for example, absentee landlords are very hard to trace, let alone get to respond. Sometimes peole who have agreed before change their minds.  It is very frustrating when you have all of the pieces of the puzzle except one. Nevertheless we stick at it because we believe passionately  in what we are doing.

 Sometimes the opening of a path is the result of years of effort by FARAG and others. Progress is always slower than we would like; we need your continued support!

Some Good news 


Dales Wood 1


Phase One was completed in 2015.  

This was our most complicated project to date but it is appreciated by local riders and well used.

Useful links

Glenbrae Riding Club

Falkirk on line

BHS Scotland safety page

BHS access page

BHS Scotland, Central

Falkirk Council

Falkirk Access Forum

Falkirk Environment Trust

Scottish Natural Heritage

Work in progressproposals ongoing

Burnhead Wind Farm 

Community Fund

The fund is being set up at present and there will be significant money available for the communities of Slamannan/Limerigg and Avonbridge/Standburn. If we can find willing landowners we could apply for money to take projects forward in these areas.

Dales Wood 2

Phase 2 - We have been unsuccessful with our application to Central Scotland GreenNetwork for a grant for the feasibility study. We will now need to try other options to get this work done as we need to know approximately how much it will cost before we can apply for grants. This is looking like a long term project.


We are still waiting for the improvements to be carried out to the bridleway. We have been told that it is in the plan but we just have to wait until the money is allocated by the Community Trust for this improvement work.

Lodge Farm / Limerigg Forest Bridge


The new bridge was completed in  June 2016. This links two off-road  riding areas and should be a great help.


If anyone knows of any areas where horse riding might be a possibility, please get in touch with Sheila so that we can investigate. We cannot guarantee that it will be possible to create suitable tracks, but we are always willing to pursue enquiries. Your suggestions help to form our agenda for the future.

Some thoughts

Headlands & Field Margins

The British Horse Society is  concerned that some horse riders have been behaving irresponsibly by damaging crops as they ride through or around crop fields. Grass grown for hay and silage is regarded as a crop and therefore excluded from access rights when newly sown or when it reaches above ankle height (about 20cm) when it is far more susceptible to damage. 

Access rights can be exercised in fields of stubble and in established hay or silage fields before grass reaches ankle height. Crop damage is less likely hereabouts as most fields are fenced and not easily accessible.

Maintenance of Tracks

This is always an issue as grants are never given for maintenance, only for construction of paths. However, the bodies responsible for awarding grants are now requiring confirmation that the paths will be maintained. This was one of the conditions of the award from FET for our Dales Wood Project. We are fortunate that the land is owned by Callendar Estate, and the Bespoke Community Interest Company who maintain their tracks have agreed to include Dales Wood on their inspection and maintenance schedule .

It would be helpful if more horse riders would join Bespoke, if only to show their appreciation. There is no charge to join and your only commitment is to support the aims of the company.

The website gives information on the company and a membership application form.

Subscription 2016

It was agreed at the AGM that we would not charge a subscription this year. All existing members will have free membership for the forthcoming year and anyone wishing to join will not have to pay a subscription this year. It is hoped that this will encourage more people to join. There are still projects we still want to pursue but it is getting more difficult to get grants.





 Ellie McMillan
 Secretary / Treasurer
 Sheila Hall, Balcastle House, Slamannan, Tel: 01324 851262  

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